Vibration isolation

We have a wide range of Vibration dampers. Sound sources such as rail traffic, machines, rolling stock, etc. can often cause nuisance. Vibration isolation is applied to prevent or reduce this. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of materials and wide range of supply options, we can provide you with the right advice and the right materials.


Vibration dampers

Vibration dampers are mainly used to absorb vibrations and shocks, to reduce noise pollution and sometimes also to prevent damage from hard shocks. Like buffers, vibration dampers are commonly fitted with threaded ends or threaded holes for easy mounting.


Machine bases

Machine bases and engine mounts for universal use to flexibly support and adjust your equipment.



Optimal solution for flexible seals on pipes and air ducts. Available for a wide range of applications, resistances and sizes.



Cylindrical dampers, fitted with threaded ends or threaded holes. The rubber compound is especially suitable for absorbing impacts or shock movements. The metal core is made of stainless steel.


Silent blocks

Silent blocks (also called torsion bushings) are used to absorb vibrations. These machine elements consist of two bushings with a rubber layer in-between. They are often used in applications where radial loads need to be absorbed or prevented.

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