Reliable supply chain

Smartly combining parts and pre-assembling them

The partner in serial machine building

At Berkel Industrial, we know the challenges the European machine building industry is facing. Providing quality and innovation at an attractive price is key. We are at your service every day to support you as a machine builder. Every production chain can always be improved.

We offer you knowledge, experience and creativity

Every production chain can always be improved

With our knowledge, experience and creativity, we help you to distinguish yourself. By designing parts for you that are more maintenance-friendly, for example, or by cleverly combining parts or pre-assembling them at our workshop for easy installation at your location.



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By default, we look beyond the initial question

For the best solution, we will gladly come by and observe your production line. The more and the earlier you involve us, the better we are able to advise you. By default, we look beyond your initial question. Can we improve on ease of assembly, choice of materials, or something else?

We make the difference through observation and proactive input

Supply chain in one hand

Packaged in the smartest way, immediately ready for use

We can also optimise your entire supply chain for you. We manage the stocks, coordinate with other suppliers on your behalf and always deliver when you need us to. Optimally geared to your requirements, packaged in the smartest way, immediately ready for use.

We want to add true value

Can it be done more smartly? More practically? More maintenance-friendly?

Or more efficiently and therefore cheaper? 90 times out of 100, we can help you achieve substantial cost savings. Want to save costs too? Contact us right now!

Reliable supply chain assemblies