Together with you, we always think 2 steps ahead

We push on where others stop

Creative and curious

Our strength lies in our people: substantively knowledgeable and technically competent, but above all creative and curious. Where others stop, we push on for you, time and time again. There is always room for improvement. Our people are experts in their fields and are always at your service.

We come to observe your production line to identify improvements together.

We use our creativity and innovativeness to find solutions.

We look at ways to make you grow as a serial machine builder.

If parts do not exist or are not available, we make them ourselves.

We supply plug-and-play assembled parts for easy installation at your location.

We optimally manage our stock and make sure that you never miss out.

Optimal stock management

Never miss out as a customer

Our warehouse stocks a very wide range of parts. As a customer, you will never miss out. We purchase according to your needs. Also from other suppliers, even beyond our own product groups if necessary. You can rest assured that your entire supply chain is in capable hands with us. Our advanced Stock Management System Slimstock ensures that we are always on top of our stock. Products are delivered in the packaging units that are most practical for you, just-in-time when it suits you best. Your production can continue to run unhampered 24/7.

Own state-of-the-art workshop

If the solution doesn't exist, we will create it 

We perform many different operations at our own state-of-the-art workshop. Assembling, cutting, pressing, flaring… we can do it all. If a solution does not yet exist, we will create it ourselves. When expertly prepared, mounting in your machines often involves no more than one click. Everything we devise is aimed at improving your production process.

Our mission

Creating a more competitive, stable and sustainable environment for the European industry.

Our vision

Supporting machine builders with innovative, creative, technical and supply chain solutions; one step, one business at a time.

Reliable supply chain assemblies