Industrial hoses and couplings

We offer a comprehensive selection of hoses, couplings and accessories. Thanks to our product range and the value we add in terms of know-how and assembly options, these products are available for almost any application.

Rubberslangen (hoge/lage druk)

Rubber hoses (high-/low-pressure)

Our rubber hoses are used in various markets and are available for both high- and low-pressure applications. Offered in different types of rubber, such as EPDM, VITON, etc. and fitted with different inlays upon request. The various rubber types each have their own specific resistances and fields of application.

Thermoplastische slangen

Thermoplastic hoses

Flexible thermoplastic hoses are ideally suited for hydraulic applications. In general, thermoplastic hoses have excellent resistance to gases and liquids; this makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.


PTFE hoses

PTFE hoses offer outstanding resistance to chemicals and are odourless. Due to their smooth surface, they are frequently used in the chemicals or processing industries. Upon request, we can flare and cuff the hoses at our own workshop to ensure they meet your exact specifications.

Metal hoses

Metal stainless steel hoses are used for demanding applications in the industrial sector and for chemicals, pharmaceuticals and automotive. The corrugated inside makes the hose flexible and suitable for pumping liquids in extreme applications. The hoses can be fitted with a braid and couplings at our own workshop.

Koppelingen en toebehoren

Couplings and accessories

We stock a wide range of hose couplings. The coupling makes it possible to easily connect a hose to another hose or a tap, for example. The design and type depend on the pressure and the medium. The couplings can be assembled and/or mounted at our own workshop.


Cutting ring couplings

Cutting ring couplings make it possible to easily and properly seal hydraulic components. The couplings have a cutting ring connector on one side, which cuts into the surface and therefore provides a solid seal. The other side features a screw-in or screw-on component.

Quick-release couplings

These fittings are used for fast and efficient connections. Available as screw quick-release couplings, but also as push-pull quick-release couplings. The latter are released by pulling the sleeve back.

Afsluiters en ventielen


We have a wide range of valves to correctly control or shut off your system.

Reliable supply chain assemblies